How To Evaluate Nursing Faculty: What You Should Know According To Experts

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10) Maintain a general knowledge of law applicable to nursing practice and your practice specifically. 11) Maintain open lines of direct and honest communication with nursing and other healthcare team members, patients and patients’ families. 12) Utilize a risk management approach when providing care to patients to decrease risk of injury to or death of a patient. 13) online teaching jobs nursing Know your employee handbook, review it regularly for changes and follow your employer’s adopted policies and procedures. 14) If you’re a student or a faculty member in a nursing education program, learn your rights and responsibilities as stated in your faculty and student handbook. 15) Know your protections under workers’ compensation laws and report any injury in the workplace as required under the law. 16) If you’re a union member, evaluate your benefits and rights and use the bargaining agreement’s protections, as needed. 17) Uphold safety requirements in the workplace for yourself and patients. 18) Adhere to your facility’s chain of command when reporting patient care issues. 19) Join and become an active member of professional nursing associations that affect your specific practice.

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